Key Management Software
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First Steps

After having downloaded, installed and launched the KEY ORGANIZER, log on to the program. You do not have to enter a password, simply leave the fields blank.

index cards

Several index cards will be displayed. These cards will be filled with master data as e.g. keys and persons (employees). The trial version contains a few predefined sample entries. However, you can also work with your own data (Menu: Demo > Use own database).

The index cards' structure is based upon the same principle: there is a list of the relevant master data (e.g. all keys) top left and detailed information about one entry on the right (if you click an entry in the list).

At the bottom of the screen, you see the relation with other master data, for example locking possibilities with cylinders and doors, or the list of key holders.
And now for the icing on the cake: double-clicking a data record in one of the lower lists will open the index card corresponding to this data record, i.e. a person or a door. The index card not only provides details about the data record, but also shows this data record's relationship with other data records! This gives you a direct overview of the data record's role in the entire system.

All index cards are constantly available (see View in the program menu), i.e. you do not have to close one index card to open another one.

If you wish to search for an entry, enter a few letters of the search term into the search field above the list.
The KEY ORGANIZER will directly search for all entries containing this sequence of letters. In addition, you can also enter several words or put them into quotation marks as in internet search engines.

If you have any further questions, please also read the FAQ page or simply contact us.