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Test KEY ORGANIZER for Free!

Download a trial version of the complete program here. The trial version is free of charge and non-binding. You can use it like freeware, which means you can enter and work with your own data.

Our KEY ORGANIZER gives you the possibility of capturing all of a key management's elements, i.e. keys, lock cylinders and locking options (locking plan), corresponding doors and, on the other hand, people (key holders) as well as the issuance and return of keys (journal).

Keys and Screenshot

Model Data Records / Empty Database
The trial version contains default demo data records. You might find this irritating if you want to test your own entries. In this case, we recommend you open an empty database. To do so, click on "Use own database" under "Demo" in the main menu.

Additional information: Importing and Entering /
Send Us Data to Test Import
Download the program (free trial version)

For all Windows® versions (32 and 64 bit)
Does not contain any ad banners or third-party software
Fully functional, no time limitation
Trial version limited to 20 keys and 20 key holders
Download size incl. user guide only 3 MB
License Agreement for standard software
Uninstalling the program:
standard uninstallation using Control Panel
> Uninstall a program > Uninstall Key Organizer

Additional files

User manual
For a printable version of our user guide, please click on Help > Help as PDF-File in the program menu.

Or download the user guide here: UserGuide.pdf
Setup details for system administrators
Network Installation etc.: InstallationTips.pdf
Locking plan as import template
Excel® spreadsheet with explanations
Download: LockingPlanTemplate.xls
Key issuance list as import template
Excel® spreadsheet with explanations
Download: KeyIssuanceTemplate.xls