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Key Management and
Key System Management

“Actually, we use paper for everything”, an employee of a large and well-known company told us three years ago. What he meant was the collection of key receipts designed to monitor which keys had been handed out to which employees. This paperwork or even key books and index cards are a possibility of documenting all issuing transactions, but no efficient way to gain a quick overview of all transactions or to find an answer to specific questions.

For example: If entries/receipts are listed chronologically, you have to read through all entries to answer the question which keys Mr. Smith has right now or which keys were handed out to him in the past few years.
If the receipts are filed according to key recipients, you will be able to answer the question quickly - however, you would have to read through all receipts again if you wanted to know how many copies of one specific key were handed out. This type of documentation means a heavy workload and many possible sources of mistakes.

Simple computer tables are also only useful to a certain extent, e.g. they become useless as soon as a person is handed out more than just one key. Depending on the type of table, certain search functions are often limited or time-consuming and ineffective.

And what if you do not only consider people-key-relations but also doors (access options) or locks and lock cylinders? And what about a history log? Or an inventory list or even an inventory?
Index cards
Index cards used to be the standard - software can do much more.

Unlock Your Opportunities

With our KEY ORGANIZER you can map all of a key manage­ment's elements, i.e. keys, lock cylinders and locking options (locking plan), corresponding doors and, on the other hand, people (key holders) as well as the issuance and return of keys (key book, journal). Our software's advantage is that you can look at all relations between all elements and persons from any possible perspective.

The KEY ORGANIZER is a specialized application and has been specifically developed for the demands of an efficient key management. The program contains an unalterable logging function, a printing function for key receipts, a query function for access rights, monitoring of return deadlines, display of a locking plan, a storing possibility for floor plans, network capa­bility and many more extras.

We regularly receive positive feedback from our customers confirming that our KEY ORGANIZER is user-friendly and provides a very quick overview of the key system and the whereabouts of the keys.

In the past 7 years, more than 1,200 mid-sized and large companies from Germany, several other European countries, North America, and Australia have opted for our KEY ORGANIZER software.