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Individual Electronic Keys

In Key Organizer, not only can you enter mechanical keys, but also electronic keys, for example transponder chips or access cards. Data entry of electronic keys is similar to that of conventional keys, and you can define the name according to your requirements, e.g. "Chip 001".

The electronic keys' main advantage is that you can reprogram access authorizations, making each electronic key an individual key. However, this means that you can't combine several electronic keys in one Key Organizer entry, because in the course of time, one chip's functions might differ from those of other chips.

The following customer inquiry illustrates the situation:

... Our employees have clips with transponder chips that are similar to keys. Usually, clips with a certain color have access to certain doors.

Now it may happen that an employee is transferred to a different area and therefore needs access to different doors. We use our programming software to adjust the clip's settings. This means that we don't have to issue a new clip, but only extend the clip's access area.

The problem is that we do not know how to enter this extended access into the Key Organizer software. Is that possible? We have entered the clips as keys and each color has access to certain doors. However, if we extend one employee's access authorization, we don't want this additional authorization to apply to all clips with this color. Would it be possible to enter a door manually in the column “Employee has access to the following doors”?

My reply:

I think I understand the problem. In the program, you have entered e.g. “red clips” and the corresponding quantity, e.g. “10”.

As long as all red clips have the same locking function (access to the same doors), this is the best approach, because it keeps the number of entries in the program to a minimum.

However, if the clips have different locking functions, you cannot combine them in the collective entry “red clips”. I recommend that you create a separate entry for each clip with a differing function, e.g. “clip 002 red” or similar. You can then assign the required individual locking options (doors) to this clip.

This means that it's easy to store the individual locking functions of transponders and cards in the Key Organizer. You can assign access to each door to each key directly without including lock cylinders. However, you should enter every chip key individually, because their functions are saved per entry (per data record).