Key Management Software
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The Answer to All Your “Key Questions”

The KEY ORGANIZER consolidates all relevant information centrally in its database. Versatile search functions provide answers to your questions in the blink of an eye.

Do you “only” want to assign your keys to specific doors and employees? Or do you need a comprehensive mapping of your key systems including nested group lockings? In either case, it is up to you to decide which data you want to use. This is what we call user-friendly flexibility!

Compare for yourself: The KEY ORGANIZER is one of the most efficient professional key and key system management programs available on the market. And all this at an outstanding price-performance ratio!
Maximum flexibility

Integrated solution for the administration of your keys, doors, key systems, cylinders and key cabinets
Display of all locking possibilities according to keys, persons, doors, cylinders or key systems
No specification of particular data that must be maintained, e.g. you can work with lock cylinders and lock groups if you want to, but you don't have to
Multivendor-capable, i.e. user-defined administration of any mechanical and electronic keys and key systems
No additional software required, runs on Windows® 10, 8, 7 and Windows Server
Can be used in a network and on a terminal server
Comprehensive monitoring and print functions

Listing of and report on return deadlines
Legally documentable, since no amendments can be made to the protocol
Individually adjustable key receipts and documents
Display of persons' (key holders') access authorizations
Display of locking plan as table (exportable and printable)
Master data list print function

Import and export functions

Import functions for standard key system files (.KWD file or Excel®)
Import and export of key, employee or door data (.CSV file or Excel®)
Individual import and export filters upon request
Easy and time-saving use

Clearly arranged index cards provide logical user guidance
Floor Plans
Integrated help function with step-by-step data entry instructions
Efficient and cross-category search functions

A high degree of security - today and tomorrow

Reliable and stable software that has been used by large enterprises for several years
Data backup function for automatic database backups, also when working in a network
Guaranteed compatibility of future program versions with already existing databases
Possibility of embedding employee pictures
No interference with Windows, as the system folder remains untouched
Professional e-mail support