Key Management Software
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Number of Keys?

To determine an appropriate program variant, only individual keys will be counted, i.e. only different lockings.

If you have 10 copies of a key (simultaneous locking), e.g. of master key “MK 1”, this will be only 1 key entry in the KEY ORGANIZER program (and also only counts as 1 key when you order the program).
In the KEY ORGANIZER, simply enter that there are 10 copies of this key.

If you have numbered your key copies serially, you can enter the copy number issued, e.g. you can enter that you handed over key copy no. 05 to an employee.
In the program, this is called "Identification" (input field on the index card "Handing over"). This identifier will be displayed in the list of key holders.

Number of PC Workstations?

An additional user license is required for each additional PC workstation on which you wish to install the KEY ORGANIZER software. These additional network user licenses are considerably lower-priced than the main license.

For example: If 3 users will use the KEY ORGANIZER, 2 network user licenses have to be purchased in addition to the main license.

No additional licenses are required for holiday replacement workstations.