Key Management Software
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Key Management in a Network

The KEY ORGANIZER is network-compatible, i.e. you can access your shared data stock from several workstations at the same time. Please observe the conditions for purchasing licenses for network users, see price list.

The trial version of KEY ORGANIZER is also fully network-compatible, i.e. you can test the multi-user network capability in your system before purchasing the KEY ORGANIZER.

Technical requirements: You only need a shared folder on a central PC (server). This folder will serve as a shared data directory for all KEY ORGANIZER installations. The data server can be operated with Windows, but also with Linux and Samba-FileServer. The KEY ORGANIZER program itself, however, is a pure Windows application.
By the way, we have already successfully tested to network the KEY ORGANIZER via a VPN.

Installation: By default, the KEY ORGANIZER setup installs a single workstation, i.e. the data path can be found on the local hard drive in the directory
C:\Program Files\KeyOrganizer\Data\ and has to be modified for network use. To do so, please shut down the KEY ORGANIZER first. Then manually copy the "Data" folder to your server.

Restart the KEY ORGANIZER and change the data directory to the new server folder in the settings (Settings under Edit in the program menu). Restart the program and it will access your network path.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional information:
Use Key Organizer on a terminal server
• Setup details for system administrators: InstallationTips.pdf