Key Management Software
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Make Sure Your Actions Are Built on Sand

In technical language, the term "Sandbox" describes a simulated environment where users can take actions without any effect.

The KEY ORGANIZER provides a sandbox function, e.g. to make test entries or to test the import of an Excel® spreadsheet. None of the entries and changes you make during a "Sandbox Session" will affect your original database.

Start sandbox session
To open the Sandbox function, select Sandbox under File in the program menu and confirm the action. The program will then change to the login section, where you can select a copy of your original database named "Sandbox". Select this entry and log in again. The "Sandbox" mode is marked with an easily identifiable red border.

Now you can test any action, e.g. a data import.

Exit sandbox mode
To exit the sandbox mode, select File > Logout in the program menu (or press F10 key). You can then re-login to your unaltered original database.

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