Key Management Software
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Our Customers

More than 1,200 companies, banks, municipal administrations, clinics and organizations in Europe and recently even in North America are using our locking management system KEY ORGANIZER.

Our customer surveys have shown that Key Organizer reduces administration efforts for locking system management up to 70%!

Best Buy Co., Inc.:
“I wanted to follow up with you and let you know how pleased we are with the performance of the Key Organizer software. Your software is 10 times better than system we were using. The old system was cumbersome to use, didn’t work correctly, and half the time would crash and be corrupted. To this day, we have yet to experience any trouble with the Key Organizer system and it continues to work flawlessly.
I would love to see Aidex Software continue to develop software for the security and public safety field as there is a need for such systems that are 1. Easy to use, 2. Easy to Manage, 3. Reasonably priced, and 4. Works and works well.”

Pike Place Market, Seattle:
“The Key Organizer software is working great for us. We have nine acres of buildings of all sorts and situations, from residential apartments, to kiosks and vendor spaces, to retail shops, a medical clinic, a senior center, a food bank and even a day care/preschool facility. We do in the area of 100 to 150 ‘key requests’ per month and the Key Organizer takes care of it all. It has really helped us with the issuing and return of “construction worker” keys. This was a difficult area for us to keep track of prior to getting the Key Organizer software, but now it’s foolproof! The software was very easy to set up and use. It’s very intuitive. I’d recommend the software without hesitation.”

College Police Secretary
at Texas State Technical College
“It's user friendly and when I get a little stuck or have a question about something, I just ask Mr Rosenthal and he helps me out. I have been very happy with it and find it a fascinating program every day I work with it!”


Physical Security Assistant
at the Van Andel Institute
“The user interface of Key Organizer is the reason why I initially liked this program. It reminded me a lot of windows and it was super easy to use.
We found it very comprehensive, we have five other staff members who use it in our department and with the other users its been a matter of here's the program and they've literally been able to work it out for themselves.”

Here's what our German customers have said about Key Organizer (translated from German) ...

Property Management
of the District Savings Bank in Freudenstadt
“We bought your software in 2005 and in the same year all locking systems, keys and persons were recorded. Since then the locking system management is done entirely through your software. The software is overall successful, its application has done more than just paying itself off and daily work in the area of locking system management has improved significantly. Thank you very much for this software solution, which we can recommend gladly.”

Factory Security Officer at Alcan Singen:
“I am completely content with all the things with which I had to deal with in your programme. I quickly got used to the operating procedure and compared to the still running competitive pre-programme the overview in the four windows is clearly to be praised. The search functions within your programmes are comprehensive and quickly successful. The speed in our network is also acceptable. I do not regret, not even for one minute, finding Key Organizer in the world of internet.”

For whom is this program suitable?

Key Organizer suits mainly large and medium-sized businesses who are interested in using a simple software for management of locking systems. Companies with a large number of keys, employees, doors and locking cylinders, who need to register and assign rights of access, quickly come to find the program indispensable and critical to the support of safe key management.

Our customers include ...
  • industrial businesses
  • municipal administrations
  • schools and universities
  • hospitals and clinics
  • nursing homes and senior homes
  • property management
  • banks
  • public authorities
  • associations
  • organizations